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Adhemir Fogassa

Vanishing Point 05
Vanishing Point 02
Vanishing Point (wall sculpture)
Vanishing Point 04
Vanishing Point 03



Adhemir Fogassa, the trajectory

Born artist, still in infancy Adhemir Fogassa already demonstrated his talent in creating models constructing his own toys, mainly miniatures of cars. As a teenager, he was enchanted by the small model of a house and decided to work as a model. This office made it possible to express his art and technique in composing archetypes. Self-taught, when young Adhemir created his modeling company employing impromptu resources for him, as there was no vocational training school in his area. Throughout the course as a maquetista, Adhemir adopted as an immutable rule perfection and the wealth of details in the production of his works.

Far more than an abundant production of mock-ups, about 8,000 over 40 years, Fogassa made these pieces true works of art that established him as one of the best modeling professionals in the world. Today, he participates in his company, the "Adhemir Fogassa Maquetes", only as advisor. Most of the time, Adhemir finds himself in his atelier modeling his sculptures and revealing his artistic nature in a fuller sense.

Little World Museum

In 2006 Adhemir Fogassa created a museum of models. Little Wolrd was an initiative with the purpose of establishing a space of Architecture, History, Geography and Art where the main monuments of the world are represented by models. With the advent of Little World, for the first time Brazil could count on a museum where visitors, in one day, knew the most famous buildings in the world, among them: Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Opera House, Taipei building (at the time the highest in the world), among others and more the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

As a result, the exhibition of works enchanted the public and gained international prominence. The Ferrari automobile company asked Fogassa to make mock-ups representing famous Italian monuments such as: Pizza Tower and Colosseum, among others. Adhemir accepted the challenge and built the models that currently form part of the attractions of the theme park that Ferrari founded in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


Art and Olympcs


Adhemir Fogassa's art and technique are admittedly one of the causes attributed to Brazil's choice of host country for the 2016 Olympics. Due to an injunction to establish the locality of the games, Fogassa was designated by COB members (Brazilian Olympic Committee) to compose a model of the possible installations of the event in the country. Thanks to the assembly of a model executed within its artistic Standards, the work creatively expressed the profile of Brazil collaborating with the preference and the choice of Rio de Janeiro as an Olympic venue.

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