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Suzana Meyer Garcia

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Graduated in July 1989 at FEI - Faculty of Industrial Engineering - SBCampo - SP in Production Engineering with emphasis in Chemistry. Graduated in Fine Arts in 1983 by the Pan American School of Art. Bachelor of Laws from Universidade Paulista in 2015.


She studied History of Art at Masp- Museum of São Paulo in 1993 and 1994 with Profs. Luiz Marques, Luciano Migliacio, Agnaldo Farias and Jorge Coli, among others. Graduation and specialization in Restoration of Painting, Documents, Photographs, Rare Works and Works of Art on Paper at the Technical Center of Art in São Paulo. Extension Course in Religious Iconography at Pontifical Catholic University PUC-SP. With technical training in Architecture, worked with designs and architectural projects in the Builders Figueiredo Ferraz, Wysling Gomes and in the company of his father, Suplanta.


Artist member of the International Association of Plastic Artists of Unesco under no. 1952/08. Art Director of the Association SINAPESP - São Paulo Brazil. Expert in evaluation of works of art by methodology of non-destructive tests. Curator and Owner of Area-Artis Art Gallery in Moema from 2003 to 2006.


Specialization in engravings by the LasarSegal Art Museum (lito, xilo, metal and solarplate). She has held several solo exhibitions, among them the Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto in Santos and MACC Caraguá Art and Culture Museum. She has been awarded prizes in several national and international exhibitions, including two biennials - Rome and Florence. Hall of Cannes-France in 2007. Artist Member of the Academy of Arts Sciences and Letters of Paris


Participated as curator in the salons "I Salão de Artes Plasticas Solar dos Andradas - CPOR / SP" in 2014, Arts Hall of the Navy in Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Riachuelo in 2015 - Centro Cultural da Marinha SP, Salão de Artes Plásticas of the Southeastern Military Command in 2015 and the Preparatory School of Cadets of the Army - Campinas 2015.


Member of the Jury at the Clube Paineiras do Morumbi in the Cultural Marathon of ACESC - Association of Sports Clubs and Cultural Associations of São Paulo since 2012, and Member of the Jury of the SINAPESP-AIAP / UNESCO Salon at the Centro Cultural Mestre Assis do Embu in 2015 Owned by the company Meyer Eng & Art, with consulting works specialized in art, realizing projects, installations and evaluations of marketing and authenticity, or teaching courses and lectures in the area of Non Destructive Testing applied to artistic objects, whether for conservation or restoration purposes as for authentication purposes.


Participated as a speaker in 2012 at XXX CONAEND - Brazilian Congress of Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection and 16th. IEV - International Conference on Evaluation of Integrity and Extension of Life of Equipos Industriales by ABENDI - Brazilian Association of Non Destructive Testing.


She has works in collections like: Court of Justice of São Paulo, City Hall of Cannes - France, Bank Banif - Lisbon Portugal, Museum of Pomezia - Italy, UNIVALI - Museum of the University of Vale do Itajaí. - SC, Olympic Sports Art Museum - Sports Secretariat of SP, Museum of Art of the State of São Paulo Parliament, Museum of Itápolis - SP, Aquanima Brazil - Santander Banespa Group, TBC - Brazilian Theater of Comedy - SP, City Hall Municipal de Caieiras, Metropolitan Transp Collection, Ventura Holding (Aché Laboratories group), Habibs / Ragazzo Group.



"I owe to the technique in architecture and to the engineer the existence of the artist. The first contact with drawings and designs began early, at age four, when I was tall enough that my eyes could reach the drawings on my father's drawing board. Those lines that began close to my vision and seemed to disappear into infinity fascinated me from the beginning. He told me stories about how the ink was obtained, the tempera, the oil paint, and this aroused my curiosity to know more deeply the pigments and materials, and after the course of Plastic Arts I chose Chemical Engineering, where I realised that the world of Science is the same as Art. The contact with the laws of physics, optics, mathematics, chemistry, revealed me to be true Masters, even from a time when there was no such separation between the sciences, as well as a particular view of things that had previously gone unnoticed.

During 20 years of acting as an engineer in multinational companies, I had the opportunity to experience the most diverse realities and today, ahead of Meyer, I apply mainly in the development of new products with clients many of the concepts I learned in the art universe at the same time time in which I use in art the creation, technique and discipline of the concepts I bring from architecture and engineering. "

Suzana Garcia

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